The 3 Best Language Learning Apps

The hardest thing about coming home after living in a foreign country is the rapidity of degradation to ones language skills. These are my 3 favorite apps for people trying to maintain a conversational level of a foreign language.

1. Hello Talk

Screenshot-2018-1-22 HelloTalk Free Language Exchange Language Partners

Hello Talk is probably the nifftiest app out there. Hello Talk pairs people seeking to learn other languages together for a language exchange. For example, if I am looking to practice Spanish I will be paired with a Spanish speaker who is learning English. The features don’t end with simply pairing two strangers together. There is voice and text input so users can practice pronunciation and a Facebook like wall feature that allows you to meet new people. When I was planning my trip to Colombia I posted on my wall that I was looking to practice Spanish and go rock climbing in and around Bogotá and some locals saw my post and took me rock climbing when I arrived. Certainly the best app out there.


2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Screenshot-2018-1-22 Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Nintendo

Too often when I return from a trip I think that if I change the language setting on my phone it will keep me practiced at my chosen language because all the games and apps languages are changed. This always ends in failure because eventually I just want to use my phone quickly and not have to worry about translating. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is excellent because there is no need to change the language settings on the phone, they can be changed easily from the in-game menu. While the game itself is nothing to write home about as it is pretty menial the amount of text and reading involved is enormous with just enough fishing and bug catching fun to keep a players attention. Additionally, many of the characters use tons of slang terms so it will give an intermediate speaker a fun bit of vocabulary to work with.

3. Duolingo

Screenshot-2018-1-22 Duolingo

Last in my list is Duolingo. Usually people list Duo at the top of their lists, which I think is accurate for beginners but for intermediate language learners it can become repetitive and boring. The reason Duo makes my list for intermediate learners is because of their new interactive stories feature that keeps user engaged and puts their vocabulary to use.