Red Rock in Colombia 

The American west isn’t the only place in the world where you can find sandy red rocks to climb. Colombia is also home to canyons and deserts that may surprise you with their incredible beauty and extreme landscape. The area that is the most impressive is that of Chicamoca Canyon; very much the Grand Canyon of Colombia. 

Anyone can enjoy the dramatic cliff faces and sandy red stone but the thing that keeps climbers happy are the rocks of La Mojarra. Located only and hour from Bucaramanga these cliffs are a must if you are keen to climb in Colombia. Personally I was surprised such a place existed in Colombia especially one with 300+ well developed sport routes. 

One of the nicest things about La Mojarra is how easy it is to link up with other climbers. Personally I have been traveling without a rope or draws so I am dependent on meeting other climbs which can often be difficult when traveling in a foreign country but is easy at the climbing hostel Refugio Roca located at the top of the crag. This hostel has incredible accommodation situated on top of the Mojarra cliffs. After linking up with climbers and spending the day on the wall I would return each night to cook and hang out in the social space boasting hammocks and a warm atmosphere. If you get the chance do not miss this climbing area. It is more than worth a week or two of time.

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