Villa De Leyva Colombia Hikes

Chances are if you are on a climbing trip in Colombia you are starting in the trady train tracks of Suesca and making your way north to the dramatic red stone of La Monjarra. In between the two areas is a charming colonial city by the name of Villa De Leyva that is perfect for rest day hiking, biking, and eating! Though the town is quite touristy it has gathered its popularity for good reason. The cobblestone streets and boutique eateries are cozy and fairly priced while boasting beautiful nature just outside the town square. 

I stayed at Renacer just outside the main town which provided plenty of information on hiking and exploration in the area. There is a great mirador hike directly behind the hostel but I recommend visiting the Angel Step if you really want to see something spectacular. First hop on a bus to Santa Sophie and then ask for the bus to the Angel Step. The trip should not take long. The entrance can be a bit confusing if you speak limited Spanish as the entrance of covered in signs that say “no entry” and “private property”. Simply pass through the fence and find a farmer and pay the 1$ entrance fee and be on your way. Follow the trail on a narrow ridge that gives you a fun sense of exposure till what looks like the end then descend on your left and have lunch on top of a massive waterfall! The trip is short but if you go 500 meters down the dirt road where you entered you can hike to another waterfall called Hayal which is also stunning. 

After your waterfall tour return to Villa De Leyva for a world class coffee and a fancy dinner before continuing north to La Mojarra.

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