Backyard Boulders

While boasting an array of established climbing areas the true beauty of Colombia is in the incredible amount of opportunities for new routes and boulders.

Recently I have been working on an organic food farm in El Crucero outside of Suesca. While the work and location in El Crucero are abosolutey wonderful it can be hard to snag a bus into Suesca to climb if the working day goes long. To deal with the issue my coworkers and I decided to go scouting for boulders. From the farm we could see a large pillar of earth rising from a farm in the distance. We decided this would be the perfect direction to head in to start our expedition. Naturally we started by grabbing a hand full of beers from a local tienda and made our way towards the puller. After traversing various fields and dodging cows we made it to the pillar we had been searching for. Unfortunately, the rock was rotten, brittle, and worthless for climbing. Disappointed we decided to walk up the hill behind the pillar so we could at least enjoy a nice view of the valley. Atop the hill what did we see? A perfect mushroom shaped Boulder waiting to be climbed.

The boulder was hidden between a field and a clove of trees and was in the shape of a mushroom with a fatty stem, no chalk marks and had certainly not been climbed before. The lower stem portion of the boulder allowed for various levels of traverse problems that went in a complete circle. To complete the full traverse it would take between 30 and 40 moves. The real fun however was with the head of the mushroom. At any point it was possible to attempt a go at the completely horizontal roof and top out for a burley finish.

I did not finish the traverse or finish a big roof move that would have made my day but I count it as a success. On the way down at sunset we looked across the valley and saw various rock bands and boulders that screamed FA opportunity. I share this story with the hope that it encourages others to consider a trip to Colombia to search for FA possibility.

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